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Utah is an amazing place to film!  Jamestown Films is a Full-Service Utah Video Production Company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  But don't think we only film here in Utah.  We always keep our passports up to date so that we can travel the second we get the call.


In 2015, Jamestown Films produced some of the most successful (and yes viral) videos of the year.  In fact, one of the videos we produced was the most shared video in the world for a day.  With several mentions by Adweek, and last year alone, Jamestown Films has proven that it is one of the most trend competetive video production companies in all of Utah and even the world.


Jamestown Films is here to help you Elevate Your Brand.  What does that mean exactly? We believe that companies should stop wasting their precious marketing dollars on creating run-of-the-mill videos that don't stand out in an already-saturated video environment.  Everyone understands that excellent video content has the power to brand a company and assist them in converting sales quickly.  And the more on point and captivating videos clearly convert for companies better.


Whether you're looking to do a commercial video production, web video, or music video we want to help your content rise above the rest of the crowd so that it gets the larger audience it deserves.  A company could have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it then its existence is almost pointless.


The sole mission of our video production company here in Utah is to Elevate the Brands of our clients by creating attractive, clear and unique video content that raises the bar on what that client has ever created in the past.


So if your goal is to create awesome video content with a competent video production company that elevates your brand then give us a call.



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